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How to Mix Small Batches of Thinset

Thinset is generally a building construction material, so using it in small batches to make mosaics requires a little different thinking. Here's how it's done.

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How to Install Your QuikStik Mosaic Mesh to Mosaic Backer

Once you have put a mosaic on QuikStik Mosaic Mesh you will want to install it to a mosaic backer. This video shows how.

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Two Color Grout

Buying the color of grout that you want may be impossible, but making it isn't. Applying 2 or more colors of grout to your mosaic can be tedious, but this video will show you how. (this is episode 2 of 2)

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tesserae on mesh being thinset to a vertical surface

How to Hang Mosaics on Skeewbackers

Skeewbackers are made from Wediboard and it is a great substrate - light weight, durable, waterproof, outdoor, indoor, and easy to work with. But hanging it is something of an unknown - until now. There are 2 ways and both are shown in this video.

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tesserae with a variety of problems

4 Things Nippers Can't Do

Nippers are really easy to work with and I especially like using them since Nippinglass came out. But, they still have their limitations. This video shows the limitations and a solution to each.

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tesserae on mesh being thinset to a vertical surface

How to Install a Mosaic on Mesh to a Wall

Using mosaic mesh to create a mosaic makes creation easy, but what about installing it on a wall? This video shows how to do it and what you should be ...

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wheeled nippers with nippinglass ready to cut

How to Cut Complex Shapes with Wheeled Nippers

There are some tricks to cutting these complex shapes with wheeled nippers, but beginners and pros can easily use the techniques shown in this video.

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tera cotta dish with pineaple mosaic

The Quick Basics - Getting Started in Mosaics

These are the quick basics to make your first experience in mosaics easy & fun. They will help you make decisions about all of the great options for using your creativity.

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close up mosaic of owls eyes

Feathers, Fur, Fire - How to Nip Them

This easy to use nipping technique lets you add texture, depth and flow to mosaics. The video shows the technique and examples of how to apply it.

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woman's hands pointing at start of a mosaic of a dove on a pattern

3,000 Pieces in 3-Minutes

There are more than 3,000 tesserae in this mosaic. After the set up was complete it took about 16 hours to place them. So, we created a time lapse that shows all of the pieces being fitted in 3 minutes.

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woman holding drill and mixing paddle

Mixing Small & Large Batches of Grout

Most mosaics need that mess-making step called grouting. Mixing grout can be pretty easy when you use these methods.

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woman holding mosaic of a nautilus on a gradient background

The Essential Gradient

Creating the illusion of the third dimension in a 2 dimensional art piece is usually dependent on your ability to create gradients with tesserae. It's not that difficult ...

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