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Share your mosaics that has used a backer, tool, tesserae or supply from Skeew. We would like to promote your website or Facebook page. Just send an email with photos that are at least 500 pixels on the short dimension, a brief description of your art, which Skeew products are in the art and the link to your website and/or Facebook page. Send the info to wweeks@skeew.biz

mosaic of tulip on linkable backer

by Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross

Attached is a piece I made, which is for sale at a local gallery. The first time I saw your linkable ad, the idea for this tulip flashed through my head. I'm very pleased with the result, and have another WIP waiting to be grouted. Your linkables are wonderful, and provide a lightweight alternative to using a glass backer.

Kathy Ross

Kathy has more mosaic art on Facebook. Check it out.

mosaic of dragonflies & lilies

by Carol Lancour

Carol Lancour

Hi Lou Ann,

I had a bit of a harder time scoring and snapping the Ultra backer vs the wedi. The fiber was a little tougher to cut through.

However, I think my knife blade is dull.

Overall, I think I like the Ultra backer better. No black dust!

This is a backsplash inset I am making for a new kitchen in Missouri.



Carol Lancour is growing a business, Marin Mosaics, around large scale Installations such as floors and walls. She has clients around the country and ships large mosaics from her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Vist her website and Facebook page, both are loaded with images of her mosaics. You will find a lot of ideas for mosaics.

mosaic heart shape

by Jane Russell

Jane Russell

Hi Lou Ann,

I made this heart using an ultra skeew backer heart shape, which is 12" across. The design is my original design, and was inspired by the challenges and delights of a real romantic relationship. I used thinset adhesive, art glass, iridescent glass, and charcoal grout.

I found the ultra skeew backer to be very lightweight and easy to work with. The hanging mechanism was easy to install, and the grout slurry that I used on the edges adhered well. I like the fact that the edges of the skeewbackers are smooth, rather than having the unfinished look and feel of a wediboard edge. When using wediboard, I always feel I need to tape and thinset the edge. I did not have to do this with the skeew backer. I also appreciate the fact that you are so responsive to any questions I may have about your products.

For more of my work, check out my website at JaneRussellMosaics.com, or my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/janerussellmosaics/

Attached is what I hope is a high enough resolution photograph. If it is not, let me know and I will send you a higher resolution photo.

Jane Russell

seven women with mosaic seahorses

Studio Esquibel

Simone Esquibel

Hi LouAnn,

The seahorse workshop was wonderful! A great group of participants, and they created some wonderful seahorse mosaics.

Visit the inspiring Studio Esquibel website and follow Studio Esquibel on Facebook. The studio is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Simone Esquibel, LICSW

mosaic wall with underwater sceene

by Debi Johnston

Debi Johnston

"Good morning Lou Ann,
I just completed this very special gift for my oldest daughter Gretchin and couldn't have done it without your help.
I've mentioned to you before how much I love the "Nipping Strips" and how convenient it is to have so many colors available when you just need a small amount of a particular color for shading, and shaping a piece. The strips were a life saver on this project because of so many different color shades and shadows.
I have three sets of "Skeew Picks" the oldest set is used for removing tesserae that has been glued and needs to be removed or re positioned, the second set I use for placing, moving and cleaning before grouting and the third set which I am very careful with is saved just for final clean up.
I used your tip "Get More From Your Nippers" also. With so many tiny cuts I find that after a while the cuts aren't as precise and clean, so I moved the wheels a couple of times on this project and it is like having new nippers every time.
And last but not least, I reviewed your video "Two Color Grout" for doing multiple grout colors and your dry grout technique I got from "Grouting Cleanup – The Dry Technique" a must for this many grout colors.
So see you were a big part of this project as well. Thank you so much.
Debi Johnston

Follow Debi on Facebook.

by mosaic sea turtleSue Bottie

Sue Bottie

Sue put her tile on QuikStik Mosaic Mesh and put that on the turtle. This is her first mosaic project.

mosaic wall with underwater sceene

by Staci Edwards

Staci Edwards

"Hi LouAnn!
Thank you. Yes, I did use the QuikStik mesh. In fact, I can't imagine tackling such a large project without it! I found it invaluable. As you know, transferring the design sometimes can be the most difficult part, keeping it accurate. I will probably use it for most my projects for the rest of my life! (I am a fan.)
Likes: Simple to use, easy to reposition. I could cut it to the precise area I was working on. No toxic fumes or mixing to do. I could create the entire piece before mixing an ounce of thin set, and still be confident that what I created would be the final product, not some warped version of it. Easy to transfer to its final position.
Dislikes: Most of this project I did on backerboard in my studio on a horizontal surface. Some pieces, the gap-fillers, had to be installed on a vertical surface. Sometimes the weight would stretch the mesh, warping the design. (I might have been pushing the ability of the mesh. I also think heat was a factor--working in Arizona.) Also, I discovered on another project, that even though thin set is white and the mesh is white, you can still see it through colored clear glass. I fixed that problem by using the mesh on the top of the piece, lowering it into the thin set and peeling it off! I would say one other thing--sometimes the mesh would 'trick me' into thinking the glass was firmly in place with thin set, then realize later it was only the mesh holding it on. There is a fine line between good adhesion and a gunky mess, and often I erred on the side of not enough thin set in between the tesserae. I think many of these issues are me working with a new product (to me) not a problem of the product itself.
If you want to see more of my process, you can find it here: www.collidescopes.wordpress.com
I liked your page on Facebook-- you are certainly welcome to share my work there if you would like.

Staci shows a lot of progress photos and other projects on her website, collidescopes. Check it out.

mosaic wall hanging

by Patti Reen

Patti Reen

"Hi LouAnn!
I just remembered i took these pics of my finished project in your box if you want to use it for marketing!!! I used the sticky mesh and the wedi it turned out great except i wish i had used a darker grout 😩
Oh well! Learning curve. Have a great day !
- Patti Reen"

Check out Patti's website, MadAboutMosaic

mosaic bar top

by Pati Reeves

Pati Reeves

"Hi Lou Ann,
So, I'm about 98% finished with the serving bar!!!
This is truly the FIRST time I've done a mosaic! Silly ME for such a HUGE undertaking my first time out, but I love a challenge!!! And, loving a challenge, I opted to use TWO different grout colors! Ambitious, yes, but I LOVE how each really highlighted the different areas!!!
The mesh was PERFECT!!! Using the sticky mesh enabled me to break the whole mosaic into 6 smaller sections which made the process MUCH more manageable!!! Can't wait to do more mosaics now!!!
Have a few touch-ups and details to complete/paint, but here she is!
- Pati Reeves"

mosaic on fence in garden

by Susan Dunsford

Susan Dunsford

"Hi Lou Ann,
Well, I learned a dozen things to do differently next time, but finally finished my sun project! Very happy with the grout color, thanks for the input --man, is black messy!!! It's smiling at me from my garden and I can see it from everywhere in the house. Such a sense of satisfaction.
Thanks for your support ~ have a lovely weekend!

mosaiced loo

by Karen Sorensen

Karen Sorensen

"Hi Lou Ann,
Here's the toilet project my friend Janet Hughes & I just completed. Your sticky mesh was a huge time saver. The tank was done in three panels of mesh and went on very quickly. Dozens of silly flowers made of broken plates & glass gems were also designed on mesh, along with whimsical garden creatures, such as a bumblebee, turtle, praying mantis, caterpillar, and ladybug.
Because of the many curves in the surface, they were cut out individually, "back-buttered" with thin set. This was a huge project, but so much fun!"

Check out Karen's board on Pinterest

child's headstone with skeewbacker plaque

by Harvey Altman

Harvey Altman

"Hi Lou Ann,
I did use the Taurus saw on this piece. I was asked to do this from the mother's partner. The baby was only 11 days old and they wanted something permanent for the grave. I immediately thought of your backing because I knew it would work outdoors. Thank you for the videos, otherwise I never would have known about the backer board and certainly not the Taurus saw. It has made me a much better mosaic artist, because I can do so much more in a lot less time.
Thanks again,
Harvey Altman"

Check out Harvey's page on Facebook

before and after of kitchen remodel with backsplash added

by June Shea

June Shea

"Just thought you'd like to see what someone has done with your mosaic mesh. Love the stuff!!!

I created the mosaic (my design my elbow grease!) and set it and grouted it…whew. I also created the fused glass knobs and pulls myself. It is not completely done but I am happy to send images of it in it's almost complete state. I would love if you could provide a link to my website or email address. Now I need to work on the area over the wine fridge this weekend.

Many thanks,


June owns Shea Studio Interiors in Fairfax Station, VA. Check out her website and like her on Facebook.

backsplash in new construction

by Lynn Gerbode

Lynn Gerbode

Lynn told us, "After discovering broken tile art in Barcelona, I completed my first (and only ever!) mosaic for my new backsplash on your adhesive mesh. Securing a 30x40\" piece over my basic line drawing, I used broken 4x4\" ceramic tile shards. I was reasonably happy with the result, but concerned about installation for this size, as instructions recommended limiting use to much smaller pieces. But, I\'d also seen videos showing clear contact paper for stabilizing reverse mosaic design so gave it a shot. I securely applied contact paper to my semi-gloss flat tile surface and prayed during vertical installation. It worked! It also held the really small pieces that had dubious mesh contact points, plus gave another layer of support to lift and press this large a panel vertically into the quick-set. Doubt this\'d work with highly mixed media, but for consistent, flat tesserae, it was great! Jus\' sayin\'....... "

horse stepping stone

by Catherine Ertel

Catherine Ertel

For this stepping stone, Catherine used NippinStrips to make the fence. It saved a lot of cutting since they just needed to be shortened.

boat dock

by Anne Briggs

Anne Briggs

Anne used a Skeewbacker 3-d "C" shape to wrap the piling on the dock. She made the lily with vitreous tile on QuikStik Mosaic Mesh.


by Jana Manville

Jana Manville

Jana says this is her first effort. She is using NippinBits on QuikStik Mosaic Mesh. Awesome!


by Rachel Scharf

Rachel Scharf

Rachel used NippinSquares for the roof and walls. Her 81 year old father, a stained glass artist, made the bird, flower & butterfly for her.


by Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith

Cheryl, a Seattle mosaic artist, is bringing together community members to create a 76 foot mural for FISH (Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery). They are using recycled glass on QuikStik Mosaic Mesh.

Check out Cheryl's website, and follow her really great community service on Facebook



by Linda Themer

Linda Themer

Linda writes about this piece - "Hi Lou Ann, I finally remembered to take a photo of an in process mosaic using your sticky mesh. I absolutely love it, this will be thinset into a concrete paver. When I made these before, I had to cut each piece of glass then adhere it with thinset to the stone. Now with the mesh it is so much easier to work on a project! I do the flowers all freehand but worked on a cardinal and was able to put a coloring page pattern under the mesh. Thank you for such a fabulous product!!"


by Sandy Glass

Sandy Glass

Sandy made the mosaics on QuikStik Mosaic Mesh and attached them to the rocks.


by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury

Karen started with a MDF Shape and made the background from broken china, beads, and globs. Then she added the foreground focals and string of beads for the body. Her business is Karen's Garden Creations which you can see here on Facebook.


by Margaret Eastham

Margaret Eastham

Margaret started with a Skeewbacker 3d Self-Framing Backer. She used vitreous tile for the mosaic and painted thinset for the border.


by Elizabeth Purcell

Elizabeth Purcell

Elizabeth created this surround on QuikStik Mosaic Mesh.


by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury

Karen started with a Skeewbacker Shape and made the background from broken china and globs. Then she added the foreground focals and string of beads for the body. Her business is Karen's Garden Creations which you can see here on Facebook.

skeewbacker 3d

by Debi Johnston

Debi Johnston

This art was inspired by a photo made by Tim Gersey and given to Debi. She made the tree for the owl from a Skeewbacker 3D. Starting with the flat panel she formed it into a "C" shape. The bark of the tree is stained glass cut into strips that are aproximately 1" wide. The owl was made by cutting NippinStrips on the long edge. She trimmed the piece with stained glass. Now cover the mosaic on one side of the picture, then cover the other side. It's like the owl's eyes follow you. Then you can follow Debi on Facebook.

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