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Articles about starting and growing mosaic art business.


How to Start Selling Mosaics at Art Festivals

Selling mosaic art at art festivals is not a very difficult business to get into and the financial risk is pretty low. Cherie Bosela shared from her experience.

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mosaic panel with butterfly as focal point

Creating Customers - What Sharra Frank Says About Newsletters

In a podcast published by "Mosaics Business" Sharra Frank shared how she developed her websites and newsletter. Here's the essence of what she said about the newsletter:

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road winding up mountain

5 Things to Settle Before Starting a Mosaics Business

Starting a business with an accurate assessment of its purpose, requirements, capabilities will produce a better chance of success. This article gets the assessment started.

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woman holding crossed hammers at mosaics workbench

Fearless & Flexible - Michele Petno's Best Skill

What does it take to succeed as a mosaics entrepreneur? Michele Petno, serial mosaics entrepreneur, artist and teacher shares some of her experience based insights.

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woman turning mosaic backer material

I Asked Jolino Bessera

If you want to sell mosaics you have to market your business. I asked Jolino Bessera which 3 methods work for him and got some unexpected ideas.

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mosaic of man working at metal press

Growing Your Mosaics Business With Facebook

There are some things to know, have and do to grow your mosaics business on Facebook and they are enumerated here.

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mosaic that resembles a labyrinth

How Easy is it to Start a Mosaics Business ?

Starting a mosaics business can be very easy, but the easiest way may not be the best for your values, aspirations and circumstances. Some important points to consider are here.

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mosaic mural of dancers in a field

More Mosaic Art Sales Starts With "Easy"

Being easy to do business with does not mean dropping prices, in fact it is the best way to avoid discounting. What it does mean is ...

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dove made from mosaic smalti

7 Revenue Sources for Mosaic Artists

Mosaic artists have opportunities to sell art and services in at least 7 channels. Work in as many as you can. How many can work for you?

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dove made from mosaic smalti

Mosaics Need a Story (it sells)

A story can turn a most unappreciated thing into something interesting and maybe even a meaningful treasure. It adds value. Even more, if the ...

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ancient Roman mosaic with man and 2 women

2 Keys to Promote the Sale of Your Mosaic Art & Classes

There are and have been many truly great mosaic artists that are unknown and unappreciated for the sole reason that ...

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glass on glass mosaics in gardens

How to Price Your Mosaic Art

There is no hard and fast rule, unfortunately. There are many variables that play into how you price your work, so I will talk about how to know what your ...

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mosaic by fernand leger

Use Branding to Sell Your Mosaics (part 1)

Your brand, in short, is what people think of you and your mosaics. It is a composite that includes your logo, tagline, art ...

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mosaic by fernand leger

Use Branding to Sell Your Mosaics (part 2)

There are a few objectives that should be pursued in the branding of your product (art or instruction), your company (studio), or you as a person. First and foremost, ...

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mosaic of intertwined fish

3 Benefits Mosaic Artists Get from Pinterest

Think of Pinterest as an awesome adjunct for Facebook, not a replacement for it. Each give the mosaic artist a set of ...

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mosaic by lou ann weeks

6 Ways Content Marketing Can Attract Mosaic Art Buyers

Content Marketing is really a new term for a century old tactic. For example, about 100 years ago, Michelin, the French tire company, wrote about restaurants to encourage people to...

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mosaic columns in houston international airport

The Future of Mosaics

We participate in one of the oldest, best preserved, and most storied art forms ever known. So, will its future be so long and appreciated?

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