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About Skeew

The first thing to know about Skeew is that we believe it's all about you the customer or potential customer. That's what drives us to design and source products that give you more creative options with your mosaics, save you time, or reduce your cost.

One of the keys to our product design and selection is the renowned experience and skill of mosaic artist Lou Ann Weeks. Best of all, every customer has access to one-on-one support from Lou Ann, and that makes Skeew products more valuable than others.

QuikStik Mosaic Mesh, Skeewpicks, Skeewbacker 3D, Skeewbacker 2D, Nippinglass, and Mosaic Living are brands created and owned by Skeew. Even more products are in development.

Skeew is an e-commerce company located in Orlando, Florida, part of Image Centric Media Company, and a sister company to I-C-Mosaics.com. We have distributors in Australia and New Zealand and are seeking distribution partners in Canada and Europe.