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Highlights of Business and Editorial Experience of Wallace Weeks

Bio of Wallace Weeks

The entrepreneurial experience of Wallace Weeks began in high-school when he launched an event photography business. Two years after earning his bachelors degree he started an independent insurance agency and soon started working on an MBA too. When the MBA was earned he sold the insurance agency and went to work for a commercial banking company. It was here that the business and financial analysis skills were honed. Once he became a part of the banks senior management team, the strategy skills were further developed.

With 7 years of banking experience Wallace decided to start the strategy consulting firm that he dreamed of in graduate school. It was very successful with a strong national brand in a segment of post-acute healthcare. Clients ranged from some of the largest companies in the world to pure start-ups. One of the clients sold to a private equity firm who asked Wallace to become a member of its Board of Directors and that led to second appointment.

Throughout his career Wallace has been a prolific writer on business topics with about two-hundred articles being published in national business magazines. His expertise has also been called on to be a speaker at hundreds of national and state business conferences. After about 20 years of consulting Wallace retired from the firm but maintained the independent director seats which he still holds with the private equity portfolio companies.

Wallace and his wife Lou Ann founded End Run Companies which now owns Image Centric Media Company which publishes and Skeew Brands which operates


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