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Carol Lancour on Starting & Growing a Mosaics Business

Carol is the founder and owner of Marin Mosaics in Novato, California..


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Kat Kirby on Starting & Growing a Mosaics Business

Kat is the founder and owner of 2Kat Studios in Prescot, Arizona.


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Karen Kingsbury on Starting & Growing a Mosaics Business

Karen is the founder and owner of Karen's Garden Creations in Modesto, California.


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That Thing You Do

One of the most powerful things you can do for your business is to identify that one thing you do that no other business on earth does.


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Breaking Even - Why and How to Find Your Break Even Point

It is vital for your business, whether starting or growing, to know your break even point. This article demonstrates why and how.


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Using Pinterest to Grow Your Mosaics Business

Pinterest is a place that people go to find ideas. Your ideas about mosaic art should be there.


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Growing Your Mosaic Business With a Lead Generation Process

The success of every mosaics business is dependent on creating customers. Creating customers starts with the lead generation process. Here's how to structure it.


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Lou Ann Weeks on Organizations That Buy Mosaics - Podcast

Lou Ann Weeks shares experiences she has gleaned from being engaged by a variety of organizations, how she was awarded the commissions, a list of organizations you might work with and how you might connect with them.


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Shoot the Dog - A Marketing Tactic to Launch Your Mosaics Business

An effective marketing tactic for pet photographers, this will work for mosaic artists too. Here are some ways you can use it for your mosaics business.


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The Easy Way to Understand Financial Statements

Financial statements are really not much more difficult to understand than an address or a recipe. This article makes it easy.


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Robin Brailsford on Big Mosaics - Podcast

Thinking big and making big is what mosaic artist Robin Brailsford does. We got to visit about how she came to think big and some of what she does to produce such large projects.


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What Does Your Business Stand For?

If you don't answer this before you start your business, your market will, and it may not be the answer you want.


Lou Ann Weeks teaching a mosaics class

How to Be the Mosaics Expert in Your Market

Three tactics will get you the visibility and credibility your mosaics business needs. This tells what they are and how to execute them.


rocks with mosaics by Chris Emmert

Chris Emmert on Selling Mosaics Online - Podcast

Chris Emmert, mosaic artist and e-commerce entrepreneur, sharesfrom her years of experience of selling mosaics online.


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5 Ways to Start Your Mosaics Business Now

For each of the 5 ways to start, this article discusses products that can work, considerations and marketing and selling.

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How Sales Growth Happens

There are 5 key levers to grow sales and collectively they can effect enormous sales growth. See how.

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Cherie Bosela on How to Start Selling Mosaics at Art Festivals - Podcast

Art festivals, fairs, wine walks and similar events can be money makers for mosaic artists. Cherie Bosela shares her extensive experience.


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2 Objectives Are All Your New Mosaics Business Needs

There are only 2 objectives for your mosaics business. They should be the focus when it starts and every day thereafter. This article discusses them.

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8 Essential Marketing Practices for Your Mosaics Business

In order to grow or even sell great products a business must have great marketing. The 8 essential marketing practices are here.

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Sharra Frank on Making a Website a Customer Acquisition Machine - Podcast

Sharra Frank has 2 of the best websites in the mosaics world. What makes them great is that they are designed to create customers. She shares how she's done it in this podcast.

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What Consultants & Professors Don't Tell You About Business Plans

Here are 9 things you must know about your business plans that you won't learn from professors and consultants.

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The Inglorious Truth of Mosaic Art Businesses

In order to grow a more successful mosaics business, mosaic artists should employ the best practices of product development that other successful businesses use. The best practices are here.

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Michele Petno on Being a Mosaics Entrepreneur - Podcast

Michele Petno is a serial entrepreneur who builds mosaics businesses. In this podcast, Michele talks about both attitudes and practices that have worked for her.

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Building an Audience to Hear Your Story

Without an audience there is no story about your brand and there is no customer creation. A marketer without audience is mute.

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Essential Steps to Starting a Mosaics Business

Starting a mosaics business requires a long list of actions, but we can put them all into 5 buckets and maybe keep the thoughts a little more organized that way. No bucket is more important than the other and all are interdependent on the others, but ...

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Jolino Bessera on Getting Mosaic Commissions - Podcast

This is like sitting down with Jolino and picking his brain. He is very generous with his insights and experience. That's because he hopes it helps other mosaic artists be as fulfilled as he.

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Before You Commit to Being a Mosaics Entrepreneur

The 11 questions to answer before commiting to any mosaics business or even making a business plan.

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Compete by Not Competing

Sometimes the fiction created in Hollywood offers great advice for real life business success. This article has the advice, a real life success story, and how to apply it to your mosaics business.

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